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Making drug discovery faster, cheaper and safer

A Macquarie University start-up that created a new way to develop drugs faster and more cheaply than current methods, has won a CSIRO innovation award.

Currently it takes over a decade and $2 billion to develop a new drug. Of these, four out of five will never be launched.

If we want everyone in need to have access to affordable and effective medications, we must reduce the time and cost associated with drug development, argues Molecular Sciences’ Professor Peter Karuso.

And that’s what the start-up he founded—Hyperdrive Science—is attempting to do.  Continue reading Making drug discovery faster, cheaper and safer

How social media can help businesses get ahead

Scientists from RMIT University are helping businesses across Europe and Australia harness the power of social media to become more innovative in a competitive market.

“Social media will help businesses develop innovations and promote novelties faster, with a competitive advantage,” says Professor Anne-Laure Mention, Director of the Enabling Capability Platform for Global Business Innovation at RMIT University.

With colleagues from Sydney, Geneva, and Luxembourg, Anne-Laure’s team is analysing the use of social media for open innovation practices in businesses around the world.

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Giving start-ups a fair go

Indonesian and Australian entrepreneurs will have more opportunities and support for collaborative start-ups, thanks to a joint-push by Austrade and technology companies telkom telstra and muru-D announced in May 2016.

muru-D, a start-up accelerator backed by Telstra, has previously lent its support to aquatic drones and a “ride-sharing service to space” via nano-satellites. The support for start-ups includes seed funding, coaching, mentoring and access to a network of industry professionals, from their offices in Sydney and Singapore.

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