Stories of Australian Science 2016

Saving oiled penguins Stories 2016 , halving brain scarring after stroke, building foldable batteries, and ‘flying’ sharks – these are some of the highlights of the past year featured in Stories of Australian Science 2016.

Australians are collaborating with international colleagues to pinpoint the causes of Motor Neurone Disease, and to see through the smoke of bushfires. They’re in underground observatories to make sure we’re using groundwater sustainably; building a wave pool in a wind tunnel to investigate the role of turbulence in climate models; and are among the front-runners in the global race to build the first quantum computer.

We also have a special feature on Australia–Indonesia collaboration: combatting the big-killers tuberculosis (TB) and pneumonia; improving efficiency of ports and tropical houses; fishing for food security, and more.

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It’s not always 42: new maths for the big questions

When earth, wind, and sea meet

Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science

Australia Indonesia collaborations

Building an emotionally healthy community

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Editor in Chief/Project coordination: Lydia Hales

Concept/Editor: Niall Byrne

Writing: Ellie Michaelides, Toni Stevens, Errol Hunt, Tim Thwaites, Tanya Ha, Sarah Keenihan, Tom Eddershaw, Jane Lyons, Niall Byrne, Lydia Hales.


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