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We’re now calling for story submissions for our 2016 publication. Find out how to get involved.

Stories of Australian Science 2015 is now available online

Read the individual stories here, or view them together as a PDF here.

You can use the search tool to locate stories by keyword. Alternatively, click here to see our online table of contents.

Our 2015 collection features more than 50 stories and celebrates the best of the past year’s Australian science: from the underground hunt for dark matter to 3D-printed jet engines; from printed body parts to insulin in plant seeds; from better tasting bread for China to the underlying genetics of epilepsy. And there’s a special feature on Australia Japan collaboration.

We’ve presented the collection to the World Congress of Science Journalists in Korea, and are continuing to distribute 15,000 copies to journalists, science leaders and influencers, embassies, schools, MPs and others in Australia and around the world. Read the full distribution here.

Science is a driver of economic, social and cultural change.

It tells us how our world is changing, and what we can do about it, if we choose to.

But science needs stories and it needs heroes to tell those stories in order to engage with the wider community.

We believe this collection of stories helps. It’s a taste of the best of Australian science.

Click here for more information and submission details.

Earlier editions of Stories of Australian Science and our other publications

Over the past nine years, we’ve profiled the breadth and depth of Australian science in our magazines — from astronomy to zoology, climate science to quantum mechanics.

You can download pdf copies of previous editions of the storybook here or view them online.

We’ve featured more than 200 stories so far, all of which are available online. You can filter a search by organisation (for all years except 2015), Australian state or field of science using the menus on the right-hand side of this page.

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