Stories of Australian Science 2014

Australian ideas are transforming lives around the world: the bionic ear, cervical cancer vaccines, gum that repairs teeth, the astronomical ideas that make Wi-Fi fast and reliable and many more.

In this collection of stories you’ll hear about the next generation of ideas and discoveries that will change the world: from big ecology to quantum computing; from vast water reserves to tracking typhoid; from growing new limbs to watching serial killer cells.

We’ve included winners of many of Australia’s science prizes: people whose discoveries and inventions are transforming mining, medicine, maths and more.

And we’ve included the best young researchers from Fresh Science. Watch these young achievers in coming years.

Please feel free to use the stories for your own social media, website, or publications. Everything is available for reuse under a Creative Commons licence.

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Terry Speed. Credit: WEHI

Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science

Inspiring Australia

Artist’s impression of a star being pulled into a black hole. Credit: Gabriel Perez Diaz


For Women in Science

Ruth Bishop. Credit: Stepping Stone Pictures

A healthy start to life

Protecting and using marine resources

The structure of a sea snail’s mother-of-pearl layer suggests how to channel light.

Copying nature

Regenerative medicine

A 3D laser scan by Zebedee of the wreck of the HMQS Gayundah, at Redcliffe, Queensland. Credit: CSIRO

Eureka Prizes

Jameson Cell technology is used in over 300 mineral processing plants worldwide. Credit: University of Newcastle

Highlights from state and Academy awards 2013

Fresh Science

Hundreds of Aussie science achievements that you can share in speeches, posts and publications