Thirty years of Australia-China scientific cooperation

30 stories for 30 years

  • From keyhole heart surgery saving young lives in Guangzhou, to satellites monitoring Australian bushfires;
  • From tracking pre-dynastic trade to exploiting new coal reserves with zero emissions; and
  • From light weight alloys for cars to improved rice crops.

This snapshot demonstrates the extent and nature of Australia-China collaborations.  These stories (listed below) are just a sample of the many successful partnerships between Australian and Chinese researchers over the past thirty years for the mutual benefit of our two nations and the world.

This publication celebrating thirty years of Australia-China scientific cooperation catalysed by Australian and Chinese government investment was launched at Australia and China Science and Technology Week at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

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30 years of China-Australia Science

2019 Australia-China Collaboration Stories:

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30 years of China-Australia Science full story list:

  • Keyhole surgery reduces sudden death in children
  • Born in crisis, now delivering global dividends
  • Launching millions of insects into cyber-space
  • Yellow laser to improve health
  • Laying natural gas pipelines faster
  • Solar power and hot water from one affordable unit
  • Rice reveals its growth secrets
  • Why do some people never get sick?
  • Fast DNA testing at the crime scene
  • China and Australia team up for World Cup bid
  • Solar energy gets competitive
  • Faster, greener wireless broadband
  • Working together against viral disease
  • CHIM could hold the key to hidden ores
  • Plants need fungal help to fight arsenic
  • Driving stem cells from the lab to the clinic
  • Using radio tags to improve mine safety
  • New alloys for cars and aircraft
  • Modified carbon nanotubes for early cancer detection
  • Plants within plants harbour anti-cancer secrets
  • Assisting the search for buried treasure
  • Protecting grain crops naturally
  • Bridging the terahertz gap
  • Bitter melon could be good news for diabetes
  • Cleaning up on coal
  • Repairing the hole in joint disorders
  • Nanoparticles with a silver lining
  • Zero emissions, energy to burn
  • Twins reveal the genetics of myopia and glaucoma
  • Ancient wheat seeds rewrite human history

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