Stories of Australian Science 2017

Making motorcycle clothing safer, a robotic arm for stroke rehab, prospecting for gold using prehistoric volcanoes—these are some of the highlights of the past year featured in Stories of Australian Science 2017.

Australian scientists are making silk-derived implants to fix damaged eardrums, and working to stop people going into flood waters. They’re flying unmanned drones to record our reefs in incredible detail, and teaching bots to search out and destroy crown-of-thorns starfish. They’re keeping stored red blood cells in shape, testing water safety with fingernail-sized sensors, expanding the net for gravitational waves, and much more.

Australians are also working with colleagues in the USA, Indonesia, and Japan. We’ve got special features on these collaborations, including: ‘blood tests’ for big machines and new artificial hearts; using a radar-in-a-suitcase to make bridges safer; and making chewing gum that reverses tooth decay.

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Hearing voices is normal; harnessing the Internet of Things; and more—Swinburne University of Technology

America and Australia: partners in innovation

Japan and Australia: partners in innovation

Radar in a suitcase; rain gardens to grow food and stop floods; earthquake-proofing ports—The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Technology to save the reefs

Macquarie University

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