Macquarie University

Macquarie University researchers are exploring the earth, oceans, fire and sky to answer big questions of the past and future.

Read more about their work at, including:

  • Saving the Tasmanian devil’s parasites. Can the devil survive without the suite of bugs that has lived with it for millennia?
  • Reducing volcano risks in Indonesia and the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, and understanding their impact on climate
  • Solving the wireless spectrum crunch—keeping us connected and ensuring the absolute reliability of wireless connections for hospitals, transport, power stations, and more
  • How can we image and treat moving tumours—measuring radiation dose in three dimensions
  • Mapping the Earth’s deep crust and hunting for gold, all with grains of zircon found on the surface
  • Using arrays of camera lenses to detect ultra-faint astronomical sources of light
  • Asking whether new medicines are worth the dollars—using statistics to determine their effectiveness and value.

Banner image credit: Ian Wright