Fresh Science

Fresh Science helps Australian early-career researchers find their story and their voice.

Over the past 20 years Fresh Science has trained and empowered more than 500 future leaders in science to engage with the community, media, government and industry.

In 2016, we chose 60 researchers around the country, trained them, and gave them the chance to present their science in pubs, school talks and to the media. Here are a few of their stories.

And you can read more online at, including:

  • Heating carbon fibre in the microwave (VIC)
  • Exercising before prostate surgery helps recovery (WA)
  • Pneumonia bug distracts immune system (NSW)
  • Far out! New map of Mars’ surface (SA)
  • New diabetes app to provide faster, more accurate and cheaper care for Australia’s 1.5 million+ sufferers (QLD)