Inspiring Australia

Over the past three years Australia has established and advanced a unique national engagement model—working with governments at all levels, with science sector agencies and organisations, as well as industry.

Science engagement: Fireballs in the Sky app. Credit: Desert Fireball Network

The results include:

  • a cohesive national strategy for science communication
  • three leadership bodies across science and governments
  • state and territory-based science communication networks
  • strategic approaches to six areas of industry-focused and regionally based science engagement
  • increased industry-government engagement
  • a common framework of principles for science communication initiatives
  • development of an evidence base for the assessment of science engagement activities in Australia
  • projects across Australia developing and strengthening science-media relationships and skills
  • increased youth, Indigenous, regional and remote Australian science engagement.

Through these achievements, the Inspiring Australia initiative is ensuring that a strong platform exists from which quality coordinated science engagement activity can take place. With the ongoing support of the science communication sector, we are building a future for Australia inspired by science.

National Science Week

National Science Week is one of the highlights of the program. From desert ecology in Alice Springs to slow food at a Tasmanian radio telescope, National Science Week gives Australians creative ways to celebrate and learn about science, technology, mathematics and engineering. With almost 1.6 million people taking part in over 1800 events, it is the country’s biggest festival.

The 17th National Science Week will take place from 16 to 24 August 2014. Read more at and

Photo: Science engagement: Fireballs in the Sky app.
Credit: Desert Fireball Network