Dynamic vision – new eyes for old

Want to throw away your reading glasses?

When we read or look at something close, the flexible lens inside our eye changes shape to provide the close focus required.

However, as we age, that lens progressively becomes harder, and its ability to change shape is reduced. Because of this, almost everyone over the age of 45 needs glasses for reading and other close work.

The Vision Cooperative Research Centre is developing a revolutionary flexible gel lens to replace the old hardened lens and restore natural vision. It acts like the natural young lens – changing shape and focus so that people can see for reading and other close activities. Implanting the gel would be a simple procedure similar to current cataract surgery. The hardened lens contents are removed, and then replaced with the gel, which begins as a liquid and is then set in place with light.

Patents on key technologies have been granted in international regions.

For more information: The Vision Cooperative

Research Centre, Kylie Evans,

Tel: +61 2 9385 7406, www.visioncrc.org