Wake-up call for waterways

Morton Bay. Credit: Jenna C.
Morton Bay. Credit: Jenna C.

The health of southeast Queensland’s rivers, creeks and catchment areas are under scrutiny with the release of the 2009 Ecosystem Health Report Card.

This year, Moreton Bay received the lowest ecosystem health rating (D) in more than a decade. Prof. Jon Olley, from Griffith University’s Australian Rivers Institute, said the report card results were a wake-up call for Moreton Bay and southeast Queensland.

“In 2008 there were no F ratings for Moreton Bay but unfortunately there are now two areas—Bramble Bay and Southern Moreton Bay—which received an F rating,” Jon said.

“This serves as a call to action for everyone living in southeast Queensland, in particular local councils and the State Government, to remain focused on ways of maintaining and improving waterway health,” says Jon.

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