Goanna team finds software bugs before they bite

nicta_Goanna_pg 6 Software bugs are expensive. Typically, software developers waste around a quarter of their time testing and debugging programs. The later bugs are detected in the software development process the more expensive they are, and the more they delay the product launch. This is especially true in the case of embedded systems software which has to be developed at the same time as the hardware. If a bug gets through, it may mean millions of dollars is spent recalling the product.

Goanna is a fast, scalable and precise software solution that detects bugs and other software vulnerabilities automatically at development time, saving money and keeping product launch timetables on track.

Goanna is the realisation of four years of scientific research at NICTA, the largest research organisation in Australia dedicated to information and communications technology (ICT) research.

The patent-pending technology analyses complex C/C++ source code by identifying causal dependencies and estimating all behaviours of a software program. It can pinpoint problems such as memory leaks, race conditions and other software bugs that could result in system crashes or security breaches.

It is the first static code analysis tool for C/C++ source code based on model-checking technology which detects bugs automatically during software development.

Goanna’s unique design allows it to analyse software very quickly, often in a matter of seconds. Unlike traditional testing methods, Goanna can be used before code is run, further speeding up the testing process.

For more information: NICTA (National ICT Australia), Dorothy Kennedy, Tel: + 61 (2) 9376 2098, dorothy.kennedy@nicta.com.au, www.nicta.com.au