VESKI’s innovative fellowships deliver results

VESKI’s main initiative – to return successful Australian expatriates with outstanding skills in science, technology and design – is paying off with some inspiring work.

In 2004, VESKI’s – Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge and Innovation – inaugural Fellow Professor Andrew Holmes returned from Cambridge University to work in a new $100 million Bio21 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Institute. One of the most important research areas to emerge since has been the development of cheap plastic solar cells.

Professor Marcus Pandy has also relocated – from the University of Texas to the University of Melbourne – and is developing new non-invasive tools to treat joint disease such as osteoarthritis.

And Dr. Gareth Forde returned from Cambridge University to join the Monash University Department of Chemical Engineering to work on a new generation of DNA-based vaccines and streamline the time in which vaccines are produced to as little as two weeks.

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