The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme

The CRC Programme has contributed funding towards the most comprehensive pilot project in the world to commercially test the storage and monitoring of concentrated carbon dioxide deep underground in geological formations, undertaken by the CRC for Greenhouse Gas Technologies.

This project aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and develop major new business opportunities for Australian industry and is one of many CRC innovations.

The CRC Programme links researchers with industry to help turn Australia’s scientific breakthroughs into successful new products and services, many of which are entering international markets. There are six broad CRC research sectors: Agriculture and Rural-based Manufacturing, Environment, Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Medical Science and Technology, Mining and Energy.

Key features of the Programme are the close interaction between researchers and the users of research, and the supply of industry-ready graduates from the CRC education programmes.

Since the Programme began in 1990, all parties have committed more than $11 billion (cash and in-kind) to CRCs.

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