Rail science fast-tracked by Rail CRC

Rail CRC is releasing research outcomes from more than 45 research projects that span six universities and six years.

It is the first time this research has been publicly showcased, with many projects only just completed.

The Rail CRC Technology Showcase to be held in Brisbane, Australia in June 2007, will cover world-scale scientific and technological innovation such as a wood treatment technique that effectively transforms plantation softwood into material paralleling the old-growth forest hardwood required for railway sleepers.

The CRC has developed “heath card” technology that looks like a small box attached to trains or rollingstock wagons, and reports future maintenance problems that can be fixed before they happen.

Attached to this is also the option to include an instant braking technology which applies all brakes simultaneously – allowing heavier, faster trains to operate just as safely.

Research outcomes offer fuel savings, stronger rail bridges and steel, faster tracking capabilities, electronic modelling tools, instant rail schedules, higher safety levels, greater efficiencies, and advanced environmental safeguards.

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