Predicting Australia’s mineral future

Predictive mineral exploration by Australian scientists has given local mining companies a powerful edge in the hotly competitive world gold market. Instead of pouring money – and lots of it – into the ground in the quest for undiscovered mineral deposits: often coming up empty.

Ore deposit modelling helps to predict where rich deposits are most likely to occur. It’s the result of a partnership formed in 2001 between the mining industry and the research community to examine the critical issues surrounding mineral exploration in Australia.

The partnership or cooperative research centre, pmd*CRC, has developed a vastly improved understanding of mineralising processes and a four-dimensional understanding of the evolution of the geology of mineralised terrains.

The success of pmd*CRC’s innovative programs and the level of expertise of research teams, has placed the CRC in a strong position to respond to opportunities for commercialisation of technology-based intellectual property.

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