Making light work of photonic chip fabrication

Macquarie University laser physicists are part of a consortium developing a micro-processing platform that will revolutionise photonic chip fabrication. This technology has implications for a diverse range of applications such as fibre-to-thehome (FTTH), smart sensor arrays for aircraft, biosensing and astronomy.

The next generation photonic components being developed by the Centre for Ultrahigh-bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems, which involves five universities – Macquarie, Sydney, Swinburne, ANU and UTS – will help facilitate FTTH.

FTTH delivers the broadband telecommunications capability of optic fibre networks directly into the home. It enables access to the much-hyped ‘Triple Play’ technology – the transmission of voice, Internet content and video on demand. FTTH is currently experiencing rapid growth, with 7 million new subscribers each year (3 million in Japan alone) and estimates ranging from 30 to 60 million total subscribers by 2010.

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