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Terry Speed. Credit: WEHI

Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science

Inspiring Australia

Artist’s impression of a star being pulled into a black hole. Credit: Gabriel Perez Diaz


For Women in Science

Ruth Bishop. Credit: Stepping Stone Pictures

A healthy start to life

Protecting and using marine resources

The structure of a sea snail’s mother-of-pearl layer suggests how to channel light.

Copying nature

Regenerative medicine

A 3D laser scan by Zebedee of the wreck of the HMQS Gayundah, at Redcliffe, Queensland. Credit: CSIRO

Eureka Prizes

Jameson Cell technology is used in over 300 mineral processing plants worldwide. Credit: University of Newcastle

Highlights from state and Academy awards 2013

Fresh Science

Hundreds of Aussie science achievements that you can share in speeches, posts and publications